Marketing campaigns to promote your business and your sales

Develop Cain coordinate their advertising campaigns to promote their services to or featured products for your business, by sending Neswletters, creating a channel of communication with its customers immediately with a much lower cost advertising printed material.
By analyzing your needs develop graphic elements through which get grab the attention of your customers.
With planning in the design of your campaign project a modern and attractive image of his class and we developed a clear message highlighting effective advertising goals that help increase their sales.
Common promotional techniques

Common promotional techniques

Amongst the many different techniques and possibly the area of activity which must be provided a greater degree of creativity for better results could highlight the following:
  • Contests that promote the active participation of people.
  • Cultural events.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs.
  • Promotions economic reward: direct discounts, vouchers or discount coupons.
  • Product promotions. Delivery of free samples, tastings, gifts product, etc.

Media planning and campaigns

  • Definition of supply, key messages and objectives of the campaign
  • Development of communication channels
  • Development of creative options Campaign
  • Negotiating and arranging media
  • Reports of the results generated by the campaign
E-commerce with all the functionality

E-commerce with all the functionality

Develop Cain we handle the design, implementation and management of their promotional strategies.
We help you create targeted at attracting new clients campaigns, increasing sales, customer retention, etc.
We rely on our experience and our creative ability, we seek to meet their needs by offering new and original solutions, adapted to the target to which it is addressed.